Saturday, March 28, 2009

Notes for something solid later on the weirdness of high school teaching.

Best kids bored, best kids hand up all the time, go to work early let the lonely kids hang out, talk with lonely kids about all lonely things male and female: AC/DC, terrorists, why they can’t like gay people, World of Warcraft, why they still watch Pokemon, their dad has an earring and bought them doughnuts, House. Bells ring, see plastic bags, sandwiches, kids who drive can buy coffee, kids who hate coffee and other kids, girls who smile all the time and get tans, boys with sideburns, boys with great expensive t-shirts, kids who can juggle, kids who have a nickname they like, new kids are they cute, is he cute, is he hot, who is a slut, who farted, who farted, oh! Kid overtly proud of kid who isn’t his friend, the latter’s sexual prowess is worth missing all of what any class may offer, all the same all day, rap, rap, does anyone have any questions answered four times of ten with do we have to do this? Actual joy, total involvement and loss of awareness, good adult revelatory conversation, you are fun, you are my second favorite teacher, math, science, English, rugby, short boys and short girls who date huge people, boring, bored, asleep, can’t wake up and keep drifting off, snore, drool, stare, get away with sleeping or eating ot texting or leaving early, getting away with everything, breast jokes, kids who are picked on by one teacher, picked on by all teachers, recommended for several scholarships, great writing, nice job, good try, well done, kids who know that the word challenge is two kinds of lie, girls who have backpacks brick-hard full of stuff, skinny puffy-headed loser kids with bad eyes for loving, hurt lidded eyes for looking at anyone’s worst intentions, chronic illnesses and dying parents, fires blowing through houses in the summer, donation of 3 cans, crush, talking, can you talk to her for me, why not, oral sex, oral sex jokes, actual wit and kids with real original humor and fine writing who will go into the Army, bad shoes everyone can make fun of, same shirt same shirt same pants today, bad socks, best looking, sexiest, best couple, biggest flirt, best kids and nonreaders too texting all their friends all day, kids who say ghetto, boys who say listen to this song, jokes, watz up, grounded, car taken away, rear-ended, ACL pooped: season over. Good laugh, smile, bad posture, whiteboard, dry dry-erase markers brushing pale letters, it’s too cold, it’s hot, dress code, new shoes, new shoes, state, going to state. Ring embarassed, ring bell, ring too long, cloudy ideas ring bell, I was just stretching, can you tell her to give me my phone back, knock, ring, ring bell I don’t know these people, wigs, medication, on his medication, antidepressants, Tourette’s jokes, peanut-head jokes, slut jokes, Jew jokes, all funny, favorite shows, boys who love male teachers and male power, the NCAA, girls who want to be photographers whose parents won’t allow it, kids who can fix cars and wash horses and dishes, good drivers, bad driver jokes, best quarterback, talking like black people, he is black, that’s why he can say that, no one knows who my favorite people are, ring bell, can we go early, getting away with it, received superiors at state, college-bound, the facts about federal student aid, holding the door for the person coming in behind you, being too patient, the girl who never talked in class, the girl who died, the boy who died, tattoos, late assignments grandmother is in the hospital, all the grandfathers, essays about grandfathers, handwriting problems, essays with doodles, rewriting, second draft, careful, apostrophe guessing, justification, ahead of everyone else, in the smart class, in the dumb class, gay, white, mixed, Puerto Rican, starters, ninth-grade varsity boys, colleges looking at you, combines, meds, stepmom dating, meds, no girls wear short hair, girls who play guitar in bands, girl singers in bands, two bands, somehow kids enjoy ska still, shoplifting, money for gas, boys who want to help with the computer, kids who have lots of pencils and paper and are willing to share, boys who never take off their backpacks, she’s 18, your mom jokes, mom slut jokes, whining, police lights, my Glock, surprise ending for my essay, good opening lines, girls who finally understand, boys who nod sleepily, porn jokes, marijuana jokes, boys who will laugh at the idea of yoga or vegetables or feminism, at which everyone laughs, or San Francisco or jazz or any president, Family Guy t-shirts on kids with big hairy heads and lunch trays, five chicken fingers and chocolate milk all day, chili sloppy joes I love it, gay jokes, tight pants jokes, practice, no practice, no breakfast.


  1. This is pretty solid, CS. Thanks for sharing what it's like out there. "Apostrophe guessing," "ACL pooped: season over."